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NXP JCOP21, 36k Java Based Card

NXP J2A080, 80k
Java Based Card

NXP J2A040, 40k
Java Based Card

Brand new generation of popular JCOP cards! Arrived just now. JAVA based, JCOP 2.4.1, JC 2.2.2, GP 2.1.1., T=1, SCP02
JCOP V2.4.1 based on independent, third party specifications, i.e. by Oracle, the Global Platform Consortium, ISO, EMV and others.
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The manual tipper CM-30
is a stand-alone device for color tipping embossed characters.
It tips 5 lines at either top or bottom of CR-80 cards. Foil is advanced manually.

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The Electronic tipper TP200
is a stand-alone device for color tipping embossed characters. Silver / Gold / Black
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Smart Card Matrix

We supply all types of plastic cards / ribbons and other accessories...
Fargo HDP5000 / HDP600 / DTC400 / DTC550
/ C30 ID Card printers produce superior printing on any magnetic stripe or smart chip cards, giving you professional, vibrant quality cards with absolutely no borders
. Even on oversized cards!
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Card Personalization System. On-site issuance of plastic cards in a fast, single-pass operation. This affordable, compact system is ideal for savings and loans,
credit unions, retailers and other organization that want to improve customer service.
features deter theft and fraud.
Completely self contained, it features not only built-in memory, but also a wireless interface, allowing it to send magstripe data to any Bluetooth enabled computer or wireless printer.
MSR500M Portable Data Collector, 3 tracks magstripe reader with 512k internal memory & date / time stamp. It does not require a computer or external power supply when the cards are being scanned.

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MSR900 HiCo/LoCo 3-Tracks
Compatible with magnetic card IC and SAM

HiCo/LoCo 3-Tracks

- Read / Write magnetic stripe
- Conform to ISO 7811

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NE1600AB Embosser and Indent Printing 2 in )1 Machine / Five Lines / Stand alone / Foil for Indent Printing is advanced manually. Ideal for ID, Membership.

Escan-UK Ltd. presents a wide variety of professional hardware
and software relating to Plastic Card Systems.